Pat + Danielle

Shot by Meredith & Olivia 

From the moment we met them, we knew they were a match made in heaven. Watching their love story unfold at the wedding was pure magic. Pat and Danielle exchanged vows that left us all swooning—they're seriously perfect for each other!

And let's not forget the ring bearers who stole the show, strutting down the grand entrance like little superstars. But what really set this wedding apart? The incredible focus on family! From heartwarming toasts to  teary-eyed hugs, it was clear that family is everything to Pat and Danielle. Their day was filled with laughter, joy, and unconditional support from loved ones.

When we think of these two our hearts will always swell. Pat treated and looked at Danielle like she was his Queen all day long, and Danielle was attentive to Pat all day. True love was witnessed this day.

A Match Made in Heaven