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Together, we capture one-of-a-kind love stories in a one-of-a-kind way. Our goal is to capture adventurous hearts in a meaningful, lasting ways.

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Real life edits. No presets.

It is our job, it is real life.

Real life edits on photography breathe authenticity into every captured moment, allowing genuine emotions to shine through. Peep that line at the end of our website. Editing is a critical component of photography that can make or break the quality of images. Resisting presets, photographers find that editing without them often yields a more unique and personalized look.

Here are several reasons why WE edit without using a preset.


When we edit without a preset, we have complete control over the look and feel of your image. We can adjust the brightness, contrast, color saturation and more to create a custom look. In contrast, presets are often generic and don’t account for the unique nuances of each image, not holding up to real life edits.

Learning and Growth

Editing without a preset compels us to grasp the fundamentals of photo editing and hone our skills. Additionally, by experimenting with different editing techniques and adjustments, we can gain a better understanding of how different settings impact our images. This process of trial and error can ultimately result in significant growth and improvement in our editing skills.

Consistency in Real Life Edits

Presets can be useful for achieving a consistent look across a series of images. However, this can also be achieved by developing a personalized editing workflow that we apply to each image. By taking the time to carefully edit each photo individually, we can create a consistent and cohesive look across our entire portfolio. Real life edits in photography not only preserve the authenticity of captured moments but also ensure a consistent and cohesive visual narrative. This commitment to genuine edits contributes to a seamless storytelling experience, where each image complements the overall narrative, fostering a sense of connection and continuity.

Authentic Adjustments

One of the main drawbacks of using presets is that they can make images look generic or overly processed. When we edit without a preset, we can create a more authentic look that reflects our unique style and vision. This can help our images stand out and resonate with viewers. With real life edits on photography, we prioritize the essence of the scene over dramatic alterations, creating a more natural and relatable visual narrative.


Finally, editing without a preset gives us more flexibility to adjust our edits as needed. Presets can be limiting in that they often only work well in specific lighting conditions or with certain types of images. When we focus on real life edits without a preset, we have the flexibility to make adjustments on the fly and to fine-tune them until we achieve the desired look.

In conclusion, while presets can be a helpful tool for beginners or when time is limited, editing without a preset is ultimately better for achieving a unique, personalized look. By taking the time to develop our editing skills and to experiment with different techniques and adjustments, we can create images that truly stand out and reflect your style and vision. Real life edits on photography emphasize the beauty found in imperfections, celebrating the unique character of each shot.